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Looking back on twenty years of accomplishments one cannot help but see a kaleidoscope of community people, organizations and elected officials working together for the betterment of a neighborhood. It is wonderful to see the hope and determination that fires people’s imagination and to see it fulfilled in their actions. That, simply, is what has made the New York Anti-Crime Agency such a citywide leader in crime prevention and safety. We all have a different understanding of what being safe means after 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina; but the reality of it is that we can all make plans to be safer and implement this in our daily lives.

Our history

Over 20 years of Accomplishments

Thousands of homes, businesses, schools and playgrounds repeatedly cleaned of graffiti at no cost to anyone – ever. Hundreds of at risk youth offered a “second chance” in life by caring nypd and nyac volunteer supervisors. Over a 94% non-recidivism rate. Kids referred for service by the queens d.A. Hundreds of thousands of community service hours by nyac and neighborhood groups cleaning our community and making it safer. 114th civ-op, dutch kills, immac squires.

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The new york anti-crime agency consists of ten standing anti-crime and crime prevention programs which are usually staffed by volunteers from the organization, the nypd and local citizens.

We are very proud of their continued success.

Street smart
Begun in 1984 “STREET SMART” SELF DEFENSE CLASSES FOR WOMEN consist of very informative classes are held at different locations such as colleges, gymnasiums, churches and community centers.
Begun in 1984, FREE SECURITY SURVEYS– are conducted by the crime prevention officer of your local precinct. Upon expert inspection you will be appraised as to what you can do to improve the security of your business, home or factory.

In cooperation with the astoria-l.i.c. kiwanis, the astoria-l.i.c. kiwanis safety booklet is published. included in this highly informative booklet are all emergency and useful telephone numbers for the n.y.c. area, specifically queens.

Consists of the registration and permanent marking of all your household valuables through the Police Department “Operation Identification” program.
Performed in cooperation with Immigration Advocacy Services; we will fingerprint and photograph all children free of charge at 24-40 Steinway Street.
Automobile owners will register at precincts and be given a decal signifying precinct of registration. The decal will be placed on the rear window on the driver’s side.

Home of The Second Task Force.

Lifetime Crime Prevention Classes.

Tel: 718-274-4926

Fax: 718-274-1615